It’ a blog everyone! My name’s Rachel, I’m a student at the University of Michigan who likes writing about comupter science, art, and ocasionally other things. After a year long haitus, I’m now (hopefully) returning to writing regularly.

A return to blogging and other updates

I’ve been messing with the theme/blog engine/ general layout of my blog with the intenst to actually write more. However I’ve been putting it off due to a va...

Okay Google! (Thoughts on LG G watch)

TL;DR Unlike Glass/phones/tablets, it’s not so much another device as it is an extension of a phone. Life’s more convinient now, but if you’re not someone wh...

Sublime SFTP

This is a guide to set up Sublime Text/SFTP and how to connect it to UMich’s CAEN computers. (It’s pretty specialized oops) I’m certainly not an expert on an...

Python Basics

Hi there! I have my first programming interview coming up, so natrually, I’m really nervous going to do a few practice problems to get more comfortable.

Solving Linear Recurrence Relations

Side note: My discrete math final’s coming up so I’ve decided to write a series of small posts on basic topics (while listening to Beyonce’s new album(!)) t...


Here's a post I'll eventually edit to sound like I'm a wise and wonderful blogger whose posts you'll love to read! So far so good!